Cub Scouting makes the most of right now.

Our program provides youth a foundation they can stand on to embrace opportunity, overcome obstacles and make new discoveries. But what makes Cub Scouting truly unique is the opportunity it gives the entire family to be involved in each child's development.

"Scouting really does bring us together and let's us capitalize on the little bit of time we have before he is grown and out the door."

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Does Scouting Work?

There are a lot of activities out there for your child and family to choose from. Scouting is not only a fun activity, but provides an environment that builds positive character and prepares young people for life's challenges.

Welcome to Cub Scouting!

We are glad you and your child have decided to join us for family, fun and adventure! You probably have some questions... here are answers to the five that are most frequently asked by new families.

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